why are supporters still clinging to Trump? Trump will suffer an embarrassing defeat in November…

Chaos, shared irrationality and fear

Why do Donald Trump’s devotees continue to support him despite the carnage of his well-documented failures?

Air Heads?  Empty Heads?


“Where are the Democratic gains on this map from 2016? Six states: Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin — we talked about those — all of the polling in those states have been very encouraging for the Democrats, plus Arizona and Florida — that is a big one, 29 electoral votes — and North Carolina.

Based upon current state-by-state polling, which is naturally subject to change, MSNBC’s resident election analyst predicted Donald Trump will suffer an embarrassing defeat in November unless his campaign can come up with something to stop his collapsing approval numbers.

Standing before a US map, analyst Steve Kornacki broke down for host Yasmin Vossoughian the president’s uphill battle to get within striking distance of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

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Man Arrested For Allegedly Breaking Jaw Of 72-Year-Old Veteran In Mask Dispute

The victim told police he made a comment to the suspect’s girlfriend, who was not wearing a face mask.

A Washington man was arrested on Saturday for allegedly assaulting a 72-year-old veteran over a face mask dispute.

Police apprehended Cody Hansen, 35, in his Spokane, Washington home after receiving an anonymous tip, local news station Q13 Fox reported. He was charged with second-degree assault.

The July 18 incident left the unidentified victim with a broken jaw and cornea abrasion, Q13 Fox reported. Surveillance footage from the lobby of the Red Lion Inn and Suites in Kent, Washington showed the attacker punching the victim several times, leaving him unconscious. 

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I no longer have any conversation with the person not wearing a mask.  I don't have any interaction with employees at the business and I no longer request to speak to a manager.  I simply report the business to the County Health Department Hotline... 
I reported the Publix on North Market 2 times.  I had conversations with management each time and basically got nothing from management except excuses.  I reported the first infraction to the county mayor's office and the second to the county health department hotline.  I was in the Publix last night and not a single person was without a mask.  I also observed that managers were circulating through the store.
Doesn't mean there won't be more infractions and I will report to the HOTLINE.  Tennessee now has more than 125,000 cases and more than 5,000 to date have been admitted to the hospital.  Hamilton County has the 4th most reported cases in the state at 6,200.
Going to the grocery store is essential.  I am 70 years old.  When I go to the grocery store, I want to know that the owners are doing every thing they can to protect me.  And that means following the county directive.

Here’s how the NRA’s new legal woes may cripple GOP candidates in November

After spending millions to elect Trump, the NRA is struggling with its credibility…


Your friendly neighborhood NRA… sucking up your dues and laughing at you all the way to the bank!