Critics erupted Saturday after President Donald Trump signed four executive actions that included deferring 
payroll taxes that provide funding for both Social Security and Medicare.

While Trump characterized the move as a financial boost for Americans struggling amid the COVID-19 crisis, critics blasted it a cynical ploy to do what Trump has long intended to do: Gut the vitally important social service programs just as Americans need them more than ever during the pandemic.

“The American people desperately need relief,” noted Rep. Val Demings (D-Florida). “Instead, the president decided to defund Social Security and Medicare.”

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‘Paula Reid emasculated Trump’

President Donald Trump on Saturday lied about signing Barack Obama’s Veterans Choice bill — as he has done over 140 times.

But unlike the other scores of times he has lied about the topic, Trump was called to task for his mistruth during his Saturday press conference at his Trump National Golf Club Bedminster.

CBS White House correspondent Paula Reid called out Trump — and the leader of the free world abruptly fled his press conference.

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I don’t usually watch Trump’s side show carnival barking act. But recently I have been logging into the MSNBC live feed on my computer and will monitor with the sound down. I was doing this yesterday and when he finished his carnival barking and went to questions I increased the volume on my computer to listen in. Something I don’t usually do and I caught the interaction between Trump and the Reporter… she was tenacious.

Only one question was asked before Trump turned tail and ran. His handlers pulling him off the carnival stage. The only thing missing was a loud “BONG” and a “HOOK”.

Trump is a COWARD.

It was great to see someone stand up to the LIES of MR. Trump.

Let’s remember that along with everything else, Donald Trump’s a total pig

What kind of man was disco-era pals with Jeffrey Epstein and wishes Ghislaine Maxwell “well”? You know what kind…

Can we put aside for the moment Trump’s corruption, ignorance, incompetence, arrogance, racism, stupidity, criminality, greed and buffoonery, and just deal with the fact that he’s a pig? You know what I’m talking about. Look at one of the photographs of Trump and his wife Melania alongside their good friends Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, and you’ve got the whole thing in a proverbial nutshell. I mean, do you have any photographs of yourself with a convicted sex offender and someone accused of procurement in a child sex ring?


Man-baby smashes democracy: Daniel Drezner on our “Toddler in Chief”

Tantrums, poor impulse control, short attention span, oppositional behavior — unfortunately, it all fits…

President Donald Trump is an adult brat, a very young child in the body of an elderly man: He throws temper tantrums and lives in his own alternate reality. He cannot self-regulate, understands very little about the world, and must be the center of attention at all times. He cannot play well with others if he does not get his way, and overall possesses limited cognitive, emotional and intellectual abilities.


Here’s how Trump is driving millions of American seniors into poverty

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BIG LOSERS IN TRUMP’S EXECUTIVE ORDERS? RETIRED PEOPLE WHO DEPEND ON SOCIAL SECURITY.You think Social Security is in bad shape now… give Trump 4 more years to chop down to NOTHING.VOTE 11-3 like your future depends on your vote…