Christianity in the Age of trump…

The stories about Christians that I grew up with (I am now 70) depict a Christian as standing by their religious convictions even if it means being eaten by a lion. An early Christian wouldn’t renounce their convictions even if the result of not doing so meant becoming dinner for the local Roman lion… but the Christian in the age of Trump have no convictions to renounce.

The Christian community in the age of Trump has become the lion, eating everything in sight that doesn’t agree with them, anything not Roman is a meal for the lion. Today’s Christian in the age of Trump bolster and buttress what I have always suspected about a modern Christian. Republicans have a name for a person who is Republican in name only… a RINO… modern day Christians are Christian in name only, a CINO…

A Christian who supports Trump is no Christian…except in name only.

Jesus: born in a manger

Trump: “what the fuck is a manger?”

It is really sad, what has become an American Christian over the past 3 years… sold their souls to the devil… Mr. Trump.