one man initiated the plot and one man did nothing about the plot…

who is donald trump? he is someone who finds it easier to attack the press for reporting the story than to stand up to Putin and do something about the plot to pay a bounty for American soldier’s lives….

and wear your mask Donnie

Top officials were aware a year earlier than previously reported that Russia was secretly offering bounties to the Taliban for the deaths of Americans


John Bolton briefed Trump on Russian bounty plot — and it happened a year earlier than previous reports


The company (ASG Global) asked the White House for a detailed security and social distancing plan for Tulsa and received nothing. When they put stickers on alternating chairs telling people not to sit there, campaign staffers went around and peeled those stickers off. Several of those staffers actually had COVID-19 and they were not following basic protocols about maintaining six feet of distance or wearing masks. After the event the Tulsa mayor had, they had the temerity to say that he would have been okay with it, if ASG Global simply refused to serve as the host. There’s a real chance that they will refuse to put their employees at risk again in Jacksonville. At a minimum, they’re going to make demands that will undermine the whole point of moving the convention from Charlotte, North Carolina. Trump isn’t getting a normal-looking crowd.