bounty claims not a hoax donnie and you are a fraud.

Parents of Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan Want Probe Into Bounty Claims

Parents of U.S. military personnel who served in Afghanistan are demanding answers to accusations that Russia was paying Taliban-linked militants to target American troops.


White House was warned about potential Russian bounties for killing US troops in early 2019

Truly Sad that the bounty on American soldiers story has evolved into an issue about Trump. Poor, poor Donnie, democrats are so mean to him… American soldiers die because Trump didn’t do his job and Trump of course makes it about Trump and how mean the press is to him and how mean democrats are to him… really sad…

The White House was provided with intelligence in early 2019 indicating Russian actors were offering bounties to kill US soldiers in Afghanistan, more than a year before President Donald Trump claimed he was not briefed on the same threat, according to a source familiar with the situation.The revelation comes after the White House repeatedly denied Trump had been “personally briefed” on similar intelligence this year, claiming the assessment “wasn’t verified.”