The TRUMP Show…

UPDATED:  This is Thursday, February 8th.  On the first of February, I posted this.

On Tuesday or Wednesday of this week, while watching Chris Matthews on Hardball, he referred to the Trump White House as The Trump Show and tonight, almost as I’m writing these words I see Ari Melber on The Beat run a segment about FACEBOOK referring to The Zuckerberg Show and using video of Jim Carey in the Truman Show.

An IDEA I had showing up on a cable television News Network (MSNBC).  I’ve actually seen this happen before with ideas I’ve posted on Twitter or FACEBOOK.  I think support staff troll twitter and Facebook and when they see an interesting slant to a current topic, they don’t hesitate to “plagiarize” for their own topic idea….

NO Kidding…



Donald Trump… ADOPTED by the RUSSIANS…




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