Big Moon…

I’ve read and listened to reports over the past week or so about the MOON on January 30…. one report suggested that it’s been 150 years since the last MOON event of this type…and you simply don’t want to miss it…. so, before I retired for the evening… around 9:30pm on the 30th, I take my dog Lakoda out to either pee or poop… or both.  Or, simply to walk in circles… counter clockwise… she walked for a few minutes to the left and squatted to pee… and the moon was rising in the east… a full moon visible through the branches of leafless trees.

Lakoda can no longer manage my front yard.  She can no longer walk through the uneven yard, so I now take her to the road in front of my house.  At 2am in the morning, there isn’t much traffic… so she can walk counter clockwise to her heart’s content.  Three or four times a night I hear the clickety … clickety on the hard wood floor and it’s time to crawl out of my warm bed, put on my coat and shoes and take her into the cold and to the road.  This morning was no different… except that when I got out of the bed at 6:30am …

…I was in for a very pleasant surprise when I walked out into the road and looked west… there sitting on the lower horizon was the largest MOON I’ve ever seen…the sun rises in the east and sits in the west… and so does the moon… 

… there was a small amount of mist… a tree or two.. and the MOON… I thought about the people who might be watching from the Walnut Street Bridge and all the people in their cars on the way to work who might be driving into this MOON… the MOON was huge… very large and quite a visual sight… and it’s something I have a chance to see because of my little dog Lakoda… 15 years and 4 months…

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