…the world does not even blush…


When America bombs, it’s rational; when other countries do it, we cry terrorism.

A few years ago, I asked a retired Iraqi Air Force officer what it felt like to be bombed periodically by the United States in the 1990s. Whenever US President Bill Clinton felt irritated, I joked, he seemed to bomb Iraq. The officer, a distinguished man with a long career serving a military whose political leadership he despised, smiled. He said with great lightness – ‘When our leadership said something threatening those words itself were taken to be terrorism; when the United States bombs…the world does not even blush…

Read Alternet

I read this quickly yesterday. Some paragraphs I read several times. I then shared to a group on Facebook… the Democratic Resistance group and several others.

I quickly received a reply comment in the Democratic Resistance group… “hate America much…”

The response came so quickly it was obvious that the person responding didn’t bother to read the article. I don’t respond to comments on Facebook shares often, and I usually delete the email and never read. But this comment to my share I did see and it got under my skin… not so much what the person wrote but that the person wrote the comment and obviously didn’t read the article… responded to the head line that is post when an article is shared.

I respond to the person simply with 2 words… “think much…” and my access to the group was removed… from the group… Democratic Resistance…

So I come back and read the article again. I google the name of the person who wrote the article because I’m not familiar with the writer… and I think about what he wrote framed by the MOAB bomb being dropped on Afghanistan… and I google for information on this bomb… according to reports the bomb obliterates everything inside a radius of 3,000 feet which is more than half mile…. nothing survives…. and can deafen people for many miles…

…one report I read says the bomb “vaporizes” everything within a 300 meter radius (990 feet)… but bodies were removed from the blast zone…

… and an eye witness reported the following:

‘The earth felt like a boat in a storm,’ he told the Guardian after the US’s largest non-nuclear bomb hit.

It was the first time it had been used in combat since it was developed in 2003.

He added: ‘I thought my house was being bombed. Last year a drone strike targeted a house next to mine, but this time it felt like the heavens were falling. The children and women were very scared.’

Can this bomb discern between combatants and non combatants? Is it any less an act of terror to use a bomb like the MOAB than use gas?

Anyway, I was blocked from posting the Democratic Resistance Facebook group because I shared this article….

When I read comments like this I have to wonder if the German people were simply complicit, ignorant or too afraid to challenge Mr. Hitler…

I can hear the good German people now, “Hate Germany much…If you don’t like it, you can leave…”

When a North Korean is critical of North Korea that person disappears…

When an American is critical of America that person’s patriotism is usually challenged… or your GROUP posting access is removed…you certainly can’t be critical of America and also love America….

A quote attributed to Gandhi goes something like this: “I love your Jesus but your Christians suck…”

When a country drops a 21,000 pound bomb, the largest non nuclear bomb ever used against other human beings, I think some “terror” goes along with the explosion…

… this MOAB obliterates everything for more than half mile radius and doesn’t ask if what is being obliterated is a combatant or non combatant…?

The Nazis performed terrible terrorist acts against mankind while good German people stood by…either turning a blind eye, ignorant of the events or simply tacitly complicit to the terrorist acts….

America ‘s existence was the direct result of Acts against legal authority and if the American Colonies hadn’t been victorious most of America’s founding fathers would have been hanged as traitors…

… I simply raise the question as did the Alternet writer… and no I don’t hate America much, but I do question America’s motives as manifested by decisions of it’s leaders… especially members of Donald Trump’s Swamp…

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