The Trump Promises unfulfilled…


The Trump Promises unfulfilled…

Trump’s concern shouldn’t be his core supporters but the 2% of the electorate who voted for him because they couldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.. these are the people who helped him win in the middle northern states and gained him the electoral college edge…. if Democrats give these people a candidate they can vote for, Trump won’t be reelected in 2020 … Trump is currently under water with these voters.. and it’s not his core supporters Democrats need to focus on… these voters can’t be helped… even Assad in Syria has his core supporters and it doesn’t matter how many innocent children Assad kills, his core supporters will stick with him. Donald Trump is correct when he says he could shoot someone in the middle of times square and not lose his loyal core supporters…

Hitler’s right hand man Heinrich Himmler said that a man’s honor is his loyalty… even if the man you are loyal to is killing millions of people and in Assad’s case innocent children.

Trump’s treatment of Women has no affect on his loyal core supporters, grabbing women by the crotch hasn’t had any affect on his loyal supporters, his many documented LIES have no affect on the loyalty of his voters, the breaking of all the promises as President that Trump made as candidate Trump has had no affect on the loyalty of the 35 to 40 percent of the core of his support…

…. so maybe Trump is correct… and like Trump said, ‘I could shoot someone in the middle of times square and they would still vote for me….’

so being SCREWED by Trump has made no difference in their loyalty…


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