Trump impeached? You can bet on it
The prospect that the president won’t make it through his term is big business for bookmakers.


There’s already talk of impeachment, just three weeks into Donald Trump’s turbulent presidency. In fact, many are already betting on it.

Gambling houses all over the world are taking in action on whether Trump, inaugurated just last month, will resign or be impeached. And the odds aren’t as long as you might think.

Read: Politico

OOPS…. !


Typos riddle official messages, as new administration forced to pull inauguration poster…

Typos and errors at all levels of the government. It’s almost as if the president is doing this himself…


President Donald Trump was fairly confident he would hire only the best people to join him in the White House, but it’s clear now that proficiency in the English language was never a prerequisite for a spot in his administration. Since Trump’s inauguration, official communications from Trump’s White House have been careless at best, and downright inept at worst.

Trump’s own official inauguration poster, which features a photo of the president and a quote from his speech, was removed from the Library of Congress website Sunday evening after social media users pointed out the quote contained an obvious spelling error.

“No dream is too big, no challenge is to [sic] great. Nothing we want for the future is beyond our reach,” the quote read on the poster.


Read: Salon


I live in Tennessee.  Today I purchased a California State flag to fly in my front yard; to show my solidarity with the State in it’s opposition of Donald Trump.


 “… too funny…”

Another one of those pesky English grammar rules that just keeps on tripping people up is the difference between the words ‘to’ and ‘too’ – people just can’t seem to get them straight! So avoid making the same mistakes yourself… pay attention in class…. Donald…



(1) Too means as well. For example:

  • Your eye is swollen. Your lip is swollen too.

(2) Too conveys the idea of in excess. For example:

  • Your cat is too fat.


(1) To is a preposition. For example:

  • Give it to him.

(2) To shows the infinitive form of a verb. For example:

  • I want to run.

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