The Trouble With Normal-Day 10



Lfe begins at ejaculation – Ask Onan

God is responsible for 60% of abortions. Who are you to judge the Almighty?



‘Talking bag of pus’: Twitter rips Stephen Miller for ‘clearly reading from script’ on Sunday shows

Miller defended Trump’s travel ban on seven majority-Muslim countries by fear mongering and insisting that the judiciary was not the “supreme” branch of government for deciding what is constitutional. He also claimed that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was “always” 100 percent correct.

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5664031706_ba464bd004_z                                                                         Photo Credit: swisseconomic/Flickr Creative Commons

Paul Krugman Issues a Warning About What We All Know Is Coming
The New York Times columnist sees calamity on the horizon for Trump’s America.

Read: Alternet


Chaffetz says paid protesters are hounding him. Reporters can’t find a single one.

The Republican from Utah won’t accept that his constituents are fed up.

Read:  ThinkProgressive

Melissa McCarthy Goes Ballistic On ‘SNL’ To Slay Spicer Again

Furious “Spicey” tells it like it is to “dumb baby” reporters.

 Video: Huffington Post

Photo Credit Huffington Post

Watch Constituents Flip Out On GOP Official For Claiming Obamacare Has Death Panels

He labeled the audience childish for calling him out on the lie.


Constituents at a Florida town hall that Rep. Gus Bilirakis (R-Fla.) hosted erupted when another Republican official made the long-debunked claim that Americans are subject to so-called death panels under the Affordable Care Act.

Bill Akins, the secretary of the Republican Party of Pasco County, made the claim during the town hall on Saturday.


Video/Read: Huffington Post

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