The Trouble With Normal-Day 4


Melania Trump’s lawyers admit she hoped to cash in on being First Lady by selling clothes and fragrances…

First Lady Melania Trump has filed a third lawsuit against The Daily Mail for defamation after the site published a story alleging Mrs. Trump had been an “escort” at one time. As the lawsuit has moved forward, Mrs. Trump was required to prove that the defamation damaged her in some way. Her example of damages are that she can no longer launch a clothing and fragrance line using her office as First Lady of the United States..

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Donald Trump Is Not Welcome To Address Parliament, U.K. Speaker Declares

The chance to address Parliament is “an earned honor,” John Bercow said.

A top-ranking British lawmaker vowed on Monday to block President Donald Trump from speaking before the U.K. Parliament in the historic Westminster Hall, citing that body’s opposition to racism and sexism and its support for equality and an independent judiciary.

In a blistering statement before the House of Commons, Speaker John Bercow said he was “strongly opposed” to Trump addressing Parliament during an upcoming state visit to the U.K.

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Your Guide to the Sprawling New Anti-Trump Resistance Movement

An explosion of new activism offers a ray of hope in these dark political times.

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Retired general: Trump confused American values

Retired general Barry McCaffrey joins NBC’s Hallie Jackson to discuss Trump’s “respect” for Russian President Vladimir Putin and how Vice President Mike Pence addressed the controversial remarks.

Joe: Trump must state he’s against assassinating rivals,…

Backlash continues to grow over President Trump’s refusal to rebuke Russian President Vladimir Putin or Trump equating the U.S. with Russia on ‘killers’. The Morning Joe panel discusses.
I was asking the question a month ago… how long before critics of Donald Trump start disappearing like those of Mr. Putin…..?

In what we hope will be a recurring SNL role, Melissa McCarthy played White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer in a hilarious spoof press conference from the White House briefing room.

“Settle down, settle down!” Spicer yelled to begin before engaging in heated verbal sparring with members of the press corps.

Spicer apologized for getting relations with the press off to a rocky start, “And by ‘rocky,’ I mean the movie cos I came out here to punch you in the face. Also, I don’t talk so good.”

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‘President Bannon is going to be mad’: The Internet mocks Trump for insisting he’s the boss…

President Donald Trump on Monday took to Twitter to deliver a simple message to the world: He is running the White House, not top political strategist Steve Bannon.

After being mocked by Saturday Night Live over the weekend for being Bannon’s puppet, Trump lashed out at anyone who believes that he’s not really in charge.

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Forget about optics: It was really Steve Bannon who was inaugurated two weeks ago as the 45th president of the United States. The architect of Trump’s campaign, Bannon once called his candidate a “blunt instrument for us,” which is exactly how you might describe a “tool.” When he says Trump is being put to use in service of “us,” Bannon likely refers to a collective led by billionaire GOP megadonors the Mercers, who installed him at the head of the campaign.

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MA attorney general: Trump is not above the law

Attorneys general in 16 states are pushing to upend President Trump’s executive order on immigration. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey joins Richard Lui.

Video: Trump Not Above the Law

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