The Trouble With Normal-Day 5

One Type Of Terrorism Really Is Underreported — Right-Wing Terrorism

Many Of The Cases Trump Omitted Were Inspired By Conservative Misinformation And The American “Alt-Right”

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Trump Has Worst Disapproval Numbers Yet In Gallup Tracking Poll

Disapproval of Donald Trump’s performance as President reached a new high on Monday in Gallup’s daily tracking poll.

The tracking poll, which averages results over the previous three days, found that 54 percent of respondents disapproved of Trump’s performance in office, while only 42 percent approved. On Jan. 22, two days after his inauguration, respondents were split 45-45 percent on Trump’s performance.

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Thanks to Mr. Donald my health care cost are shooting UP… Thanks Donald…

… just a comment of truth… dude…

Donald Trump Populates the Swamp with each and every nomination….


Rep. Waters: Trump ‘leading himself to impeachment’

Rep. Maxine Waters joins MSNBC’s Ali Velshi to discuss Trump’s immigration ban and call for an additional senator to vote against DeVos, saying the GOP knows Trump’s pick is unqualified.

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WTF Just Happened? Trump’s Chaotic First Weeks in Office

Cut through the noise and the nonsense, and examine the fallout from Trump’s opening blitz

Cut through the noise, and the new administration’s true actions are less overwhelming – but no less harrowing. Trump has pursued a substantive agenda, with dark consequences for Earth’s climate, America’s alliances, the Affordable Care Act, undocumented immigrants and refugees, middle-class homebuyers and investors, and the veterans who fill the federal workforce.

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Trump’s Tweets Are a Sideshow: His Executive Orders Are Building a Corporate State
The Trump era heralds a growing assault on basic government and progressive values.

While Trump’s red-state supporters may be cheering now, they’ll soon feel the consequences. Take the Muslim travel ban, if upheld. Thousands of the doctors across rural America are from the countries targeted by Trump, a new analysis by reported. “It’s no secret that the U.S. faces a physician shortage in many parts of the country, especially when it comes to doctors in relatively low-paying specialties like primary care and psychiatry.”

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The resistance isn’t going anywhere, and it’s not letting members of Congress off the hook


Breaking: Rank-and-file Democrats and other people who don’t want the world to go to hell are furious and ready to fight back, and they’re ready to drag their elected representatives along with them. The ask is different for congressional Republicans and Democrats, of course. Democratic lawmakers are learning that just kinda sorta fighting isn’t going to be enough:

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The Terror Attacks Trump Won’t Talk About

Guess what they have in common.

On Monday, in a case little noticed by the national media, a man went on trial in federal court for plotting a potentially horrific terrorist attack in upstate New York. In 2015, this man allegedly planned to enlist accomplices to help him bomb a house of worship and open fire with assault rifles on any bystanders. “High casualty rates” was the goal. “If it gets down to the machete, we will cut them to shreds,” he allegedly said, according to prosecutors.

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The March To Impeachment


In a New Lawsuit, Melania Trump Calls First Lady Post “Once in a Lifetime” Branding Opportunity

A $150 million libel lawsuit filed by First Lady Melania Trump against The Daily Mail in New York this week was intended to take the newspaper to task for re-publishing a story during the campaign alleging she had once worked as an escort, a claim which the suit alleges seriously impairs Trump’s ability to take full advantage of her new role as First Lady, a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to make millions of dollars in an Ivanka Trump-like brand empire.

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Melania Trump reveals plan to leverage presidency to ink ‘multi-million dollar’ endorsement deals

The admission came in a defamation lawsuit the First Lady filed against the Daily Mail.

In a lawsuit filed today, First Lady Melania Trump revealed her intention to leverage the presidency to ink new “licensing, branding, and endorsement” deals worth many millions of dollars. In the filing, Melania Trump’s lawyer described the position of First Lady as a “once-in-a-lifetime” money making opportunity. She told the court she intended to pursue deals in “apparel, accessories, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, hair care, skin care, and fragrance.”

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Ten Ways to Fight Trump


More than three million people—about 1 percent of the U.S. population—took to the streets in protest. This was followed by spontaneous demonstrations at airports across the nation after Trump’s ban on immigrants targeted war refugees like my parents, who escaped the Holocaust when they came to this country. After marching with 100,000 sisters and brothers in the rain in San Francisco I’ve been waiting to see where things go next.

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Regrets? They have a few – especially voting for Trump!

Trump voters tweet their regrets.

After Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims, one concerned Twitter user asked him to “stop acting like [Adolf] Hitler.”

Another demanded: “how the HELL is this different than what Hitler did to the Jews?”



Has Trump snapped the tether? His claim that media “doesn’t want to report” terrorism suggests he’s lost contact with reality

Trump did a dozen things last weekend that would have provoked a crisis — for a normal president. He’s not normal

President Trump is almost completely disconnected from reality. I wish I were just being hyperbolic and partisan, but I’m not. It’s difficult in this age of snappy internet takes and outraged social media memes to fully emphasize how dangerous it is that the president’s mental health is this shoddy. Based on his most recent public statements via Twitter and Fox News Channel, it should be obvious to anyone, even many of his voters, that his cheese has leaped from his cracker and is currently in an endless death spiral into the abyss.

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Video: MSNBC

Trump equates USA to Putin’s Russia

Republicans spent two days trying to not get tied to Trump’s comments defending Putin by implying the U.S. is responsible for crimes comparable to Putin, who has allegedly had political opponents assassinated. David Frum, Rick Wilson & Neera Tanden join Ari Melber.
Video: MSNBC

Just the TIP of the ICE BERG… dishonesty is at the CORE of Trumpism…


Kellyanne Conway’s Credibility Questioned After ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ Flub

But the Donald Trump aide who also cited “alternative facts” is still getting TV news show bookings.

NEW YORK ― Television news executives are beginning to think twice about booking White House counselor Kellyanne Conway for segments over concerns her credibility has been too damaged.

Not all bookers are pulling the plug on putting the close Trump aide on their shows. Her proximity to the president remains a draw despite the dubiousness of some of her claims. But recent statements in which Conway invented a terrorist attack that she blamed the media for not covering, along with citing “alternative facts” when pressed on baseless White House claims, has forced some to reassess her utility on air.

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