Tucker Carlson Gets an Offer From Russia State Media

Tucker Carlson receives a job offer from Russian state TV after Fox News firing

Russian state TV used clips of Carlson to promote the war against Ukraine amid growing dissent after Putin announced a partial mobilization of troops. Footage aired in Russia showed Carlson saying “happy anniversary” to the war while saying it would be impossible for Ukraine to defeat Russia.

GOP Group Puts Tucker Carlson’s Putin Love Affair On Full Display In New Video

Carlson has repeatedly sided with Russia over his own government, criticizing the U.S. for providing ongoing support to Ukraine and rationalizing Russia’s aggression. His views have taken root with the Republican base and some members of Congress, so much so that during a recent visit with Republicans in Washington to lobby for aid to Ukraine, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was “amazed and horrified by how many people are frightened of a guy called Tucker Carlson.”

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I guess when you are on the wrong side of this issue, you would have “NO COMMENT.”

Chief Justice Roberts Declines Senate Request To Testify On Judicial Ethics

“I must respectfully decline your invitation.”

Chief Justice John Roberts has declined to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee following a series of shock reports on fellow Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas that have raised concerns about judicial ethics.