Trump has completed a full monty


Only last week was Trump a Pro Abortion Candidate.  Now Trump has completed a full monty… Trump tells lies as easily as he takes a breath.

Trump is beneath disgusting.  And Christians of any genre and denomination supporting Trump, gives a special stench to the Christian brand.

Donald Trump, stinging from a rebuke by the nation’s leading anti-abortion group, used a speech Saturday before influential evangelicals in Iowa to spotlight his actions as president to try to restrict abortion rights.

Chief among the accomplishments Trump listed were his nominations of three conservative judges to the U.S. Supreme Court. The appointments paved the way for the overturning last year of the landmark Roe. v. Wade ruling, which had affirmed a federal right to abortion.

“Those justices delivered a landmark victory for protecting innocent life. Nobody thought it was going to happen,” Trump said, appearing via video to a gathering of the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition. “They thought it would be another 50 years. Because Republicans had been trying to do it for exactly that period of time, 50 years.”

You simply can’t trust this guy.


AND JESUS SAID, “If you don’t have an AR-15, Sell your house, Sell your car, Sell your SOUL, and Buy ONE.”

In recent years, the Christian nationalist movement — an extreme ideology that holds America should be ruled by Christian law — has become bolder as it makes a play for power. A new group is even emerging to introduce Christian nationalist legislation in statehouses around the country.

According to PRRI, Americans who have heard of Christian nationalism are twice as likely to hold a negative than a positive view of the term. These Americans also reject the specific ideas associated with the ideology,” wrote University of Connecticut sociology professor Ruth Braunstein. “Indeed, the 3 in 10 Americans that PRRI found who align with Christian nationalism to some degree are opposed by nearly the same percentage (29%) who completely reject the ideas associated with Christian nationalism. Another 39% is skeptical.”

“One pivotal front of this battle is in the nation’s churches. Conservative Christians, lured by new online platforms and hyper-partisanship, have been sucked into a vortex of right-wing disinformation, conspiracy theories and fear.”