Tucker Carlson’s ‘homoerotic’ ‘The End of Men’ 

I did not, and I hope you did not, watch Tucker Carlson’s infomercial on Fox called “The End of Men.” We don’t need to see it to know it.


“Now, I’m generally hesitant to talk about Tucker, because he just says and does stupid things for attention. But this one’s so stupid it got my attention,” said Colbert.


Footage found of Putin singing “Blueberry Hill” at a children’s charity fundraiser

The celebrity packed event was attended by Goldie Hawn, Sharon Stone, Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner

Footage has been unearthed of Vladimir Putin performing what’s being referred to as a “chilly” rendition of the 1956 Fats Domino classic, “Blueberry Hill.”

In the video, which we discovered in a report by Nola.com, Putin takes to the piano during a children’s fundraiser that took place in St. Petersburg in 2018. The event, which appears to have been heavily attended by some of the biggest celebrities of that time, had Goldie Hawn, Sharon Stone, Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner in the audience for the performance.


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