How the party of family values and fiscal discipline changed course…

How the party of family values and fiscal discipline changed course.

Not Your Parents’ GOP

It came as no surprise when most Republican senators walked out of the cheerful celebration of the confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court on Friday. Just a few weeks prior, several Republicans took the opportunity to attack the supposed radical-left justice during her confirmation hearing. Sens. Ted CruzLindsey GrahamJosh Hawley, and Tom Cotton all denounced Jackson’s record of sentencing in child pornography cases, with the implication that she, as the nominee of “every nutjob liberal group,” in Graham’s words, is soft on heinous crimes against children. Cruz once again waved the red flag of critical race theory, awkwardly making connections to critical legal studies, whose professors he said were “Marxists.” He then suggested that Jackson was among their ilk.