Trump Coup Powerpoint Presentation…

a how to on committing a coup

An Election Conspiracy Theorist Responsible for Circulating Batschitt Crazy Coup PowerPoint Spoke Several Times with Meadows and the Trump White House: Report

He also briefed lawmakers on the presentation the night before the Capitol riot.

Perhaps it should surprise no one that former President Donald Trump’s scrambling henchmen reviewed a literal, honest-to-god PowerPoint presentation with plans for a coup attempt in early January, as the president’s efforts to retain power despite his electoral loss were reaching a fever pitch. Then-Chief of Staff Mark Meadows got the document sent to him just a day before the Capitol riot; he recently turned over the presentation, titled “Election Fraud, Foreign Interference & Options for 6 JAN” to the congressional committee investigating January 6, according to a letter released by the committee this week. The PowerPoint’s recommendations are staggeringly batschitt crazy: Trump, the document said, should declare a national security emergency, proclaim all electronic voting invalid, and ask Congress to decide on a path forward. Vice President Mike Pence, it added, should abuse his ceremonial power to certify the election results to reject electors from “states where fraud occurred” or replace them with Republicans. 

Capitol attack panel obtains PowerPoint that set out plan for Trump to stage coup

Presentation turned over by Mark Meadows made several recommendations for Trump to pursue to retain presidency

…PowerPoint Presentation recommending Donald Trump declare a national security emergency in order to return himself to the presidency.