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The Guardian obtained documents that experts believe came from a Jan. 22, 2016, meeting of Russia’s national security council that refers to “certain events” that took place during Trump’s “non-official visits to Russian Federation territory” in the years before entering politics.

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The fence is back.

“Our hearts and minds are with the people being persecuted so unfairly relating to the January 6th protest concerning the Rigged Presidential Election,” Trump said, invoking his oft-repeated lies about the 2020 presidential election, which he lost to Joe Biden. “In addition to everything else, it has proven conclusively that we are a two-tiered system of justice. In the end, however, JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL!”



Why the latest Facebook scandal might stick.

A new series of reports from the Wall Street Journal, “The Facebook files,” provides damning evidence that Facebook has studied and long known that its products cause measurable, real-world harm — including on teenagers’ mental health — and then stifled that research while denying and downplaying that harm to the public. The revelations, which only strengthen the case that a growing chorus of lawmakers and regulators have been making for breaking up Facebook or otherwise severely limiting its power as a social media giant, could represent a turning point for the company.

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Tammy Faye Bakker’s complicated legacy gets another look in a new movie that captures the moment the GOP got in bed with the Christian right…

The allegations sent shock waves through not just the conservative Christian community but also the country at large. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the pair had been at the head of the PTL Network, a massively popular TV network that aired, among other programming, the Bakkers’ own daily variety shows. PTL stood for both “Praise the Lord” and “People That Love,” though some joked it meant “pass the loot”.

“God never intended for me to be poor, so Pass Me the Loot!”



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