To win, Trump needs a bigger polling error than in 2016…


The latest batch of swing state polls shows a healthy Biden lead 

This weekend saw the release of a final batch of high-quality polling that generally confirms what polling has said all along: Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is in the lead. 

Evidence for that proposition comes from a tetralogy of New York Times polls conducted in conjunction with Siena College, which were released Sunday morning. They show Biden ahead in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Wisconsin — easily enough states to give him the win. But even a Des Moines Register poll conducted by the legendary Ann Selzer that was released on Saturday evening, which showed Trump with a 7 percentage point lead in Iowa, is actually not very good news for President Donald Trump.

TO win, Trump needs a bigger polling error than in 2016.


we know we have a FAKE PRESIDENT… now we have a FAKE MELANIA…