Biden leads Trump by 10 points in final pre-election NBC News/WSJ poll

NBC WSJ FINAL PRESIDENTIAL POLL: Biden leads Trump by 10 points

‘Desperate’ Trump ripped as being ‘like a neglected child obsessing over being loved’ after rally meltdown…

The ‘Trump campaign sees the writing on the wall’ as it all comes crashing down…

In a biting column for the Daily Beast, Molly Jong-Fast lit up Donald Trump and his family, claiming they are scrambling to remain in power in the final days of the election after seeing the”writing on the wall” that the end of the road has arrived.

Trump is ending his campaign on an ugly new low

Donald Trump, tragically occupying the office of president of the United States, possibly has uttered the ugliest words of an ugly career defacing the national stage. And they barely led the news anywhere.

Trump has been claiming at his super-spreader rallies for the past week that American doctors are profiting from the death of COVID-19 patients. Take a step back and absorb this atrocity. This man just invented a mendacious lie from scratch, not even remotely rational and in the process denigrated the frontline heroes who have been risking their lives and those of their families in a 9-month struggle against the worst pandemic in a century.

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