TRUMP FILES FOR BANKRUPTCY ON TRUMP FLU! it is now too late to vote by mail… vote in person.

Trump, when he screwed his business up to a point that nothing could be done to recover anything, would simply file bankruptcy. Trump has now filed for bankruptcy on Trump Flu!


Republican appointees Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch and Clarence Thomas are willing to throw out some ballots after the election.


Voters Give Trump A Poor Preelection Verdict On Handling Of COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus hasn’t gone away as an election issue, and Trump’s ratings on the health crisis have continued to sink.


Ex-Trump staffer says conservative media ‘brainwashed’ her into hating Democrats

On CNN Wednesday, Jessica Denson, the former coordinator of the Trump 2016 campaign’s Hispanic outreach who starred in a recent ad for Joe Biden, opened up about how she was taken in by the Trump campaign — and why he must be defeated.


Covid-19 hospitalizations in Tennessee have risen at a far lower rate in areas that have mask-wearing mandates than those that don’t, a new analysis from Vanderbilt University researchers found, reinforcing evidence showing that face masks play a significant role in slowing coronavirus transmission.


By the numbers: The Vanderbilt analysis compares Tennessee hospitals based on how many of their patients come from counties with mask requirements.

  • In hospitals where at least 75% of patients are subject to a local mask requirement, COVID hospitalizations are at about the same level now as they were July 1.
  • In hospitals where fewer than 25% of patients are subject to a local mask mandate, however, hospitalizations are more than 200% higher than their July 1 levels.

Where it stands: Roughly 43,000 people are in the hospital right now for coronavirus infections, according to the COVID Tracking Project. 

  • Many states are seeing more hospitalizations now than they have at any other point in the pandemic, and some localized areas are beginning to worry about running out of beds.


A University of Kansas study released this week backs up what health officials have been telling us for months: Masks do work by significantly slowing the spread of COVID-19.

“We found a 50% reduction in the spread of COVID-19 in counties that had a mask mandate compared to those without,” Donna K. Ginther, director of the Institute for Policy and Social Research at KU, said in video presenting the study’s findings

“Masks, it is important to note, do not eliminate COVID, but they significantly slow the spread of the disease — at least here in Kansas,” she said.

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