I’m 70 and for the first time I’m wearing my DOGTAG to vote…

Trump Army at your voting site?


A right-wing powder keg:

How conservative media is convincing Trump fans that he’s winning bigly

For those who get their news from the conservative media, there is ample evidence that Trump is cruising to victory. In a National Review piece pushing back on such reports, Kevin Williamson writes that “many conservative media figures are predicting . . . a Trump landslide. This wish-casting is based on increasingly imaginative reading of the political terrain: Comedian Jimmy Failla of Fox News, for example, called a Trump “lawnslide” based on — hold your breath, now — an informal poll of truckers who were giving their estimates of the ratio of Trump yard signs to Joe Biden yard signs.” Boat parades, truck caravans, how many people believe their neighbors are supporting Trump and other quicky metrics have all been the basis of arguments that the “liberal media” is lying about Trump’s bleak position in the race.

raw story

His fans ‘would follow Trump off a cliff’: 14 key traits revealed in psychological analysis of people who support the president

“I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

Question: Why does msnbc continue with chuck toady….?

Donald Trump may have helped seal a key electoral vote from Nebraska last night: For Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
In a disastrous turn of events that’s a metaphor for the Trump Administration, Trump’s rally at Omaha’s Eppley Airfield in freezing temperatures resulted in multiple people hospitalized and thousands stranded on highways. Many among those waiting in the cold were elderly.

But Trump was nice and warm…

Armed Biden and Trump supporters involved in violent clash outside Georgia Democratic rally

Typical Trump supporter… must watch…