Trump Rips ‘Fake News’ For Focusing On COVID-19 ‘CASES, CASES, CASES’ As Nation Breaks Record

President Donald Trump on Saturday attacked the media for its focus on COVID-19 “CASES, CASES, CASES” after the nation hit an all-time high of more than 83,000 daily infections on Friday. 

He said without evidence that the coverage was a plot to “create fear” ahead of Election Day. Trump told a campaign rally later in North Carolina that “you won’t hear about it anymore” after the election.

225,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, and the number of deaths could rise to 500,000 by February, experts warned.


The WASHINGTON POST’S board spells out why choosing who to vote for in the 2020 election “shouldn’t be a hard call.”

In a message to undecided voters, the newspaper’s board on Friday warned that a vote for a second term of President Donald Trump “is a vote for an America in decline and an American democracy in danger.”

“At best, the demise would be gradual — a descent into diminished prosperity, constricted opportunity for your children and grandchildren, waning influence overseas and continued erosion of democratic norms at home,” it wrote. “This is not a matter of conjecture; it is a judgment based on President Trump’s record and promises.”


Eight years of deflated hopes for Barack Obama had left the African American teacher wondering if any president could really make that much difference to the lives and livelihoods Collins saw around him. He even thought there might be an upside to the election of Donald Trump.

“I’m kinda glad it happened,” Collins said a few weeks after the new president moved into the White House. “It really is an eye-opener on what’s really going on. The real truth about America. The real truth that there’s still a lot of racism. People voted for this sort of stuff.”

A lot of people in Cleveland chose not to vote. Driven by disillusionment with Obama and dislike for Hillary Clinton, turnout fell in the overwhelmingly Democratic city where nearly half the population is black, as it did in others across the midwest, helping to usher Trump to victory.

This year, Collins sees it differently.

“Trump’s presidency, the last four years, have been absolutely horrible. Trump blew life back into white supremacy. Him being so open and unapologetic about the stuff he says, and things that he’s done, really gave that power,” he said.

“Plus coronavirus, because now we have tens of thousands of people, especially in the black community, really suffering from Covid-19. We have an economy decimated to almost the proportions of the depression. The loss of jobs and loss of wealth is worse than I’ve ever seen before.”

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Jamal Collins will be voting for Biden and encouraging anyone else he can to do the same.
 Jamal Collins will be voting for Biden and encouraging anyone else he can to do the same. Photograph: DaShaunae Marisa/The Guardian