Trump loses it after Portland mayor blames him for violence before issuing a threat ‘he hasn’t seen anything yet’

After Wheeler delivered a merciless takedown of Trump’s support of white supremacists and attacks on progressives, which he believes encouraged the shooting of a protester in Portland Saturday night, Trump turned to attack.


Trump refused to give Gen. Kelly director of the FBI position because he said he’d ‘be loyal to the Constitution’

Every public official pledges an oath to uphold the Constitution. Still, according to a new book, President Donald Trump demanded an extra level of loyalty that put him above the United States, Axios reported Sunday.


Anatomy of a man-made disaster: Here are 595 hard facts about Trump’s abysmal COVID-19 response

By contrast, the string of catastrophes that trailed George W. Bush, from 9/11 to Iraq to Hurricane Katrina to his obliviousness to warning signs in the housing market before the 2008 crash guarantee that he will have a permanent place in the bottom tier of presidents.

Also certain to be at or near the bottom of that list is Donald Trump.

Trump has been able to maintain 40% approval ratings by effectively manipulating the lizard brains of white Republicans, but even before COVID-19 hit, he was considered one of the worst presidents in the two surveys of scholars done in 2018.

On May 11, 2017, Trump’s Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, submitted a threat assessment to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence which said “A novel or reemerging microbe that is easily transmissible between humans and is highly pathogenic remains a major threat because such an organism has the potential to spread rapidly and kill millions.” (W3)