“Our community is in dire need right now,” she told Fox News host Arthel Neville. “What we see now is the worst disaster that I think Louisiana has ever seen. They’re telling us it could be up to four weeks without water. We have no water. We have no electricity. There’s no N95 masks for people to get into their homes to try to save anything that’s left.”

“They don’t have money because of corona,” she said. “They don’t have the funds to be able to get out of here. We found out that some of our employees are sleeping in vehicles.”

“I’m horrified to think that some of our help has been sent away,” Huber continued. “I really need to plead with our community and our nation, people don’t realize how bad it is here. One out of every five people I know have nothing.”

“People are broke around here because of corona,” she pointed out. “They stayed in their homes when they shouldn’t have because they didn’t have the money to evacuate. And now, they’re applying with FEMA and being denied. What happens to these people who don’t have a dollar in their checking account?”