“WE WILL REPEAL AND REPLACE OBAMACARE.” Trump had better luck building his Wall on the border than he did with this LIE! And if you are counting Trump’s Lies to America… the number is now 20,000. The only thing that numbers more than Trump’s Lies are Trump Flu Deaths which now number 157,000…

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Early voting will start soon in many states, and Republican strategists are telling Politico that President Donald Trump is running out of time to save his re-election campaign.

Of particular worry for Republicans is the fact that mail-in ballots will be sent out to voters in several key swing states next month, which means that even an “October Surprise” such as the announcement of a coronavirus vaccine may not be enough to save the president.

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Tyranny expert explains how Donald Trump has ‘ceded the election’ but is creating a crisis to ‘cling to power’ 👎🏻💀☠️🤡

◉ a fascist is someone who will often manufacture a crisis, blame it on the other side, and then use the crisis to his own benefit. In Trump’s case, vote-by-mail has become the enemy as Republicans continue to defund the post office and Republicans in several states were caught in absentee-voter crimes.


US cases hit 1.87 million last month, or double the previous record☠️☠️☠️

The United States reported a record 1.87 million cases in July, according to the Johns Hopkins University tracker, more than twice the figure for the previous record month, April, when 860,000 new cases were reported. May saw 690,200 new infections, while June saw 820,000 cases. US infections are approaching 5 million, with 4,657,693 confirmed, or more than a quarter of the global total.

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