I planted sun flower seeds late in June… 16 of the germinated seeds sprouted and eventually grew into strong plants. I got a late start but watering every day with the rains we have had inspired strong beautiful plants.

A few days ago, I saw the first blooms on 2 of the plants… this morning I walked out to take photos of the 2 blooming plants and was greeted by 2 honey bees on one of the blooms.I haven’t seen a honey bee in more than 30 years. Maybee 40 years… I grew up in the country where honey bee stings were a daily occurrence as a child going bare foot… and I dug out many stingers from my feet… the bees in my child hood would bee every where. Swarming all over the clover plants that covered the yard. It was a pleasant surprise to see not only two of the plants blooming this morning, but also the bees appreciating the blooms as well.