…quack apothecary recommending unproven “treatments.”

The world has watched in horror as an American president acts not as the leader of the free world but as a quack apothecary recommending unproven “treatments.” It has seen what “America First” means in practice: don’t look to the United States for help in a genuine global crisis, because it can’t even look after itself. Once there was the United States of the Berlin airlift. Now there is the image of the USS Theodore Roosevelt crippled by the virus, reports of the administration trying to take exclusive control of a vaccine being developed in Germany, and federal intervention to stop the commercial sale of personal protective equipment to Canada. The world has been turned on its head.

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“I’ll be honest, uh, I have a lot of things going on,” Trump said, trying to explain his lack of coronavirus preparation.

While Fox News hosts are content to let Trump rant and rave with little regard for lies or coherencyWorld News Tonight host David Muir sent Trump into a tailspin with a question that he should’ve seen coming: Why didn’t he do more to prepare for the coronavirus that has killed more than 72,000 Americans and counting?

“Well, I’ll be honest, uh, I have a lot of things going on”

-Your President