Trump Cronies: raking in cash for themselves like a ‘criminal enterprise’


“Brad Parscale, whom Trump named to run his 2020 effort in early 2018, has already collected $38.9 million through his companies from Trump’s various reelection committees between January 2017 and the end of March, according to a HuffPost analysis of Federal Election Commission filings,” reported Date. “Gerrit Lansing’s payment processing company, which he started while a staffer at the Republican National Committee, has taken in $1.7 million. Katie Walsh, briefly a Trump White House aide and a former RNC chief of staff, has received $877,424 through her firms. And Richard Walters, who at age 30 is the current chief of staff, makes $244,943 a year in salary but last year was paid an additional $135,000 through his own consulting firm. Since the Trump presidency began, he has been paid a total of $755,324.”

Trump Death Clock seeks to bring ‘accountability for reckless leadership’

A website by an independent film-maker tracks lives allegedly lost during the Covid-19 pandemic by the president’s own inept actions

The website, created by independent film-maker Eugene Jarecki, is a conscious echo of the National Debt Clock which since 1989 has given a running score near Times Square in Manhattan of total US borrowing. The Trump Death Clock extends the idea dramatically by providing a tracker measured not in dollars but in lives allegedly lost by the president’s own inept actions.

‘We found his weak spot’: Rick Wilson reveals why Lincoln Project ad caused Trump to ‘lose his damn mind’

One of the longtime Republican strategists behind the devastating new Lincoln Project ads targeting Donald Trump said that the conservative organization has found the president’s “weak spot” during a Tuesday evening interview on MSNBC.

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