Some perspective maybe but maybe not…

While I practice physical distancing, [I heard some use the term physical distancing rather than social distancing] and I preferred the term, so I will use here.

I’ve have some time on my hands as I sit at the house waiting for covid – 19 to, in the words of your President, “it’s going to disappear” in a miracle only Donald Trump could perpetrate. With this time, something keeps recurring in my thought process. So I tried to get some information on the question I have about the current situation we find ourselves in.

I wondered how many deaths during the period January through March have occurred from automobile accidents and deaths by gun? I did a google search of course and found very little on automobiles but did find this web site with some information about death by gun.

To date, during the same period that CoronaVirus has been a threat to America, there have been 9,407 deaths by Gun in America. Coronavirus has caused at the last report I’ve seen 2,296 deaths.

If no action had been taken by the state and local governments, that number could be in the hundreds of thousands, and maybe more. And if Americans had listened to Mr. Trump, probably would be in the hundreds of thousands.

I find interesting that we have 9,407 deaths by GUN and those deaths have become normalized. My guess is we also have a large number of deaths by automobile which have also been normalized.

I do understand that if we do nothing the deaths by covid- 19 could be much greater and most likely would be if we followed the advice of Mr. Trump.

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