Gov. Cuomo’s crisis leadership is putting Trump to shame

And Trump’s poll numbers are improving…

What does this say about Trump Supporters…?

It’s amazing that MSNBC and CNN will allow themselves to be used by Trump. Daily MSNBC and CNN regurgitate Trump’s BullChit…

Every day, as the novel coronavirus spreads lethally across the nation, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is conducting a televised master class in government that has drawn a wide and admiring audience. Lauded for his elevated and candid leadership, he is underlining the absence of any such qualities in the president of the United States right when they are needed most.

Where President Donald Trump so often sounds feckless, egomaniacal and terribly uninformed, Cuomo appears serious, determined and fully in command of the facts. While Trump dithers and tries to escape responsibility, Cuomo asserts his authority and then accepts the inevitable blame for wrenching decisions. It is all too obvious which one is the adult in the room. Trump boasts of his phony greatness, while Cuomo can rattle off a long list of real achievements.

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