Want to know why a review of Trump’s tax returns is important? TRUMP KEEPS HIRING FAKES..


Senior Trump official embellished résumé, had face on fake Time cover
State Dept. official Mina Chang claimed to be a Harvard Business School "alumna" who ran a nonprofit that worked in 40 countries.

In its 2015 tax filing, Linking the World reported that it had no staff overseas and no expenditures abroad of more than $10,000, which one expert said was puzzling given the group’s descriptions of its international work.

“How are they accomplishing so much without spending at least $10,000 in those countries? That does not make sense to me,” said Jane Searing, an expert on nonprofit tax forms and an accountant at the accounting firm Clark Nuber in Washington state. “They could be partnering with another organization, but then they should say that and not claim those accomplishments as their own.”

In 2015, her charity received tax exempt status from the IRS, according to public records.

A review of her nonprofit’s IRS returns from 2014 and 2015 shows no information about operating or building schools, and offers no details about staff devoted to managing aid projects on the ground in those countries.

In public remarks in 2015 she said her group worked in 40 countries: “We have in-house K9 search and rescue teams, we have testified in front of hearing committees on Capitol Hill, we’ve done things like lectured at West Point, brief chiefs of staff at the Pentagon.”

NBC News was unable to find any record of her or her organization ever testifying before Congress.


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