‘Stop lying!’ MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt rains hell on GOP for defending Trump’s ‘dime-store Mussolini’ schemes…


Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt called out his old party for “lying” about President Donald Trump’s actions toward Ukraine to distract from an “unprecedented” extortion scheme.
Schmidt appeared Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to make predictions about the upcoming public impeachment hearings, and he said witnesses would tell a tale of sordid corruption.

Trump trying to fire inspector general is a confession he ‘did something criminal’: Nicolle Wallace.


“We’re back with breaking news from The New York Times that could have implications for Donald Trump’s impeachment,” Wallace reported. “Donald Trump, based on a new report in The Times has considered firing the inspector general — the one who looked at the whistleblower’s complaint on Donald Trump’s Ukraine conduct and deemed it credible and urgent.”

Republicans asked for a witness to undermine impeachment — but she wants to call their ‘bluff’


Since Republicans have no substantive defense of President Donald Trump’s effort to extort political investigations out of the Ukrainian government, their big hope in protecting the White House from the impeachment inquiry relies on kicking up enough dirt and throwing up red herrings to distract voters and keep Republicans united.
As part of this effort, House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA) proposed nine witnesses from the GOP side for the forthcoming impeachment hearings, many of whom aren’t relevant to the central questions of the inquiry.

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