Don’t PISS Trump OFF…

With Impeachment Looming, Trump Is Threatening to Sue ‘Everybody Who Pisses Him Off’

The president is reverting to his bad habits.

Last week, as the White House struggled to grapple with an accelerating impeachment probe and a bloodbath in Syria, President Donald Trump’s mind drifted to old, familiar territory: threatening frivolous and petty lawsuits.

The DailyBeast

Trump Cuts Out Media That Doesn’t ‘Make Him Feel Beautiful and Powerful’

It’s a comfort mechanism for the president that intensifies whenever he feels under siege and when scandal swirls.

In that same time, the president’s posture toward other channels and certain major newspapers has gone beyond mere snubbing. On Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reported that the White House planned to order federal agencies to stop renewing subscriptions to The Washington Post and The New York Times, two papers that publish critical coverage Trump routinely bashes as “fake news” that’s ruining the country. The move came the same week that the White House itself announced that, as Trump had requested, it was nixing its print subscriptions to the Post and Times, as well.

The Daily Beast

How Unpopular is Trump?

What Democrats need to do is to continue to EXPOSE Trump for the CORRUPT Criminal he is. Keep the Unpopular numbers high with Truth and Fact. Simply Print the Reality of who Trump is.

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