Trump handing northern Syria to Turkey is a ‘gift to Russia, Iran, and ISIS,’ former US envoy says

The Trump administration is facing a torrent of criticism Monday after it unexpectedly announced a full U.S. troop withdrawal from northern Syria to effectively allow a long-planned military operation by Turkey against Kurdish ground forces, who had battled to uproot ISIS.

In the face of bipartisan and global condemnation, Donald Trump is plowing on through the Syria disaster by pretending it is not, in fact, a disaster.

Donald Trump declares Syria ceasefire permanent and lifts Turkey sanctions

“This was an outcome created by us, the United States, and nobody else, no other nation,” he said. “We’re willing to take blame and we’re also willing to take credit; this is something they’ve been trying to do for many, many decades.”


Upset at the accusation that this is cashing in on government service, the author said through his agent that he “intends to donate a substantial amount of any royalties to the White House Correspondents Association and other organizations that fight for a free press that seeks the truth,”

(No word on how much “a substantial portion” would be.)

“The author of A WARNING refused the chance at a seven figure advance and intends to donate a substantial amount of any royalties to the White House Correspondents Association and other organizations that fight for a free press that seeks the truth,” Matt Latimer, cofounder of Javelin, told CNN.


That ‘Anonymous’ Trump Official Is Back, and He’s Written a Book

The anonymous senior Trump official who penned a 2018 New York Times editorialabout the “resistance inside the Trump administration” has written a book that will be released next month.

The book, titled A Warning, will be published on Nov. 19 by Twelve, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing/Hachette Book Group.


Donald Trump And The Making Of A Predatory President

In “All The President’s Women,” journalists Barry Levine and Monique El-Faizy uncover 43 new sexual assault allegations against the world’s most powerful man.

The new Republican Defense of Trump… Too Stupid to be impeached…

One of the great periodic defenses of the current president is that he’s too inept, too ill-informed, too bad at his job to commit the many crimes swimming through his head that he’d like to commit. 

Wall Street Journal Says Trump Shouldn’t Be Impeached Because “He Was Too Inept to Execute” Ukraine Quid Pro Quo

Too Stupid to be impeached… read Slate.

Shorter Wall Street Journal: Donald Trump Is Too Stupid to Be Impeached

As more Americans back the impeachment inquiry each day, President Donald Trump and his allies have relied on a string of curious defenses, as well as questionable legal acumen, to protect Trump from the mounting threat to his presidency. Trump has baselessly asserted that the stock market would tank if he’s removed from office. Former acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker attempted to come to Trump’s aid this week with his astonishing declaration on national television that “abuse of power is not a crime.”

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