Republicans must lie to survive…

The Republican Party has a problem. A big problem.As the party of the wealthy and big business, how in the world can it convince the working class to vote for its candidates?This article first appeared in Salon.This is no small matter. It is not some little glitch. Rather, it is a fundamental core issue that lies at the heart of the Republican Party. It requires a grand strategy at the highest level.

Trump Vows To Put A Man On The Moon. Someone Should Introduce Him To Buzz Aldrin.

And he’s going to end “socialism,” he promises supporters at Louisiana rally.

President Donald Trump made two head-turning promises at his Louisiana campaign rally Friday: He’s going to put an end to socialism — and put a man on the moon.

The crowd in Lake Charles roared.

Two problems: What socialism is he talking about? Social Security? His $28 billion in subsidies to his “patriot farmers” to help them survive his trade war with China?

And 12 Americans have already walked on the moon, beginning in 1969 with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Trump actually has met Aldrin, but apparently they didn’t discuss the moonwalk.


Question: Based on Trump’s observation and response and the roar of the Crowd, Who is more STUPID? Trump or the Trumpist Supporters?

HBO’s Maher lays waste to ‘Trump errand-boy’ Giuliani getting busted with his Ukrainian lunch pals

During his opening segment on HBO, Bill Maher ridiculed former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for his involvement with two characters that the Real Time host compared to the two incompetent thugs in the film “Home Alone.”

Calling Trump’s lawyer an “errand-boy,” Maher noted that Giuliani was going all around the world looking for dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden, calling the attorney “Dora the Conspiracy Explorer.”


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