Newly Revealed Trump Administration Texts On Ukraine Show Clear Quid Pro Quo

The texts were released late Thursday by the chairs of three House committees, who wrote in a letter to colleagues that they had “grave concerns” after speaking with State Department officials as part of the chamber’s unfolding impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s July 25 call with the leader of Ukraine. The three chairs wrote that the shocking texts were “only a subset of the full body of materials” that had been obtained, the entirety of which they planned to release in the coming days.

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Fox News judge says Trump’s phone call with Ukraine “manifested criminal and impeachable behavior”

Andrew Napolitano also called President Trump’s suggestion of a second civil war “a dog whistle to the deranged”

“The president need not have committed a crime in order to be impeached, but he needs to have engaged in behavior that threatens the constitutional stability of the United States or the rule of law as we have come to know it,” Napolitano wrote on Fox News’ website

Napolitano then reviewed how a CIA agent “whistleblower” reported the July 25 conversation between Trump and Zelensky as potentially criminal and how the White House’s summary of the conversation revealed that “Trump asked Zelensky for dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden, who at this writing is Trump’s likely Democratic opponent in the 2020 presidential election.”


Here’s What Russian Disinfo Sites Want You to Believe About Impeachment

Kremlin-backed media is parroting Trump’s attacks on the Bidens and pushing his fantasies of a deep state coup.

As President Donald Trump battles impeachment, key allies have rallied to his defense: close GOP lawmakers in Congress, Fox News, and far-right internetusers. And then there is the ally that Trump doesn’t like to talk about: Russia.

Russia helped elect Trump, and as he faces impeachment, Russian state media is standing behind him. Propaganda outlets RT and Sputnik, which target Americans with English language content, provide a clear view of Russian messaging on the Ukraine scandal and Trump’s impeachment. Together, they present a picture of a propaganda machine working to exonerate Trump, condemn former Vice President Joe Biden, and spread doubt about the trustworthiness of American government.

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Trump criminally encouraged 2 countries to interfere in the 2020 election — on camera

He’s just doing the impeachable conduct in public. Will he get away with it?

President Donald Trump just did what Democrats seeking his impeachment are accusing him of doing, this time on camera: He called for Ukraine to investigate political rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter. 

In fact, he escalated it — demanding that China investigate the Bidens as well.


Damning Trump Team Texts Detail Pressure Campaign on Ukraine

“It’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign,” objected a top career diplomat in Kyiv.

Democratic committee chairs released a stunning cache of text messages late Thursday night detailing exchanges between senior diplomats as they went to great lengths to appease President Trump’s pressure campaign on a foreign government to launch an investigation into a political rival.  

The texts laid bare, with great specificity, a coordinated effort between State Department officials and Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, to compel the new Ukrainian government of Volodymyr Zelensky to publicly commit to investigating a firm tied to former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, thereby making foreign aid contingent on the Ukrainians helping Trump’s re-election efforts. 

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‘Is this thing on?’ FEC chair forced to remind Trump that it is ‘illegal’ to solicit election help from foreign governments

“Oh, it’s on—but someone isn’t listening or can’t read (or both).”

Ellen Weintraub, the chair of the Federal Election Commission, took to Twitter Thursday afternoon to muse over whether or not President Donald Trump understands that soliciting or accepting foreign assistance during an election is against the law.

“Is this thing on?” Weintraub wondered, linking to a tweet she made in June drawing attention to the fact that it is illegal for any American—a political candidate, a regular citizen, or even the U.S. president—to solicit or accept “anything of value from a foreign national in connection with a U.S. election.”

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‘My nightmare scenario’: Democrats reveal damning texts from Ukraine investigation — here are 7 key revelations

On Thursday night, Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives released a set of text messages they have received in their investigation of the State Department and its involvement in the Ukraine scandal.

Some of the texts had leaked out prior to their official release, painting a somewhat confusing and unclear image of what they actually mean. Read all together in chronological order, however, they strongly bolster the case that President Donald Trump — using both his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and the State Department — carried out an illicit pressure campaign to induce Ukraine to investigate his political enemies.


After the CNN host read a selection from the texts, she asked the former Trump confidant what they sounded like to him.

“I hear rank criminality,” he shot back. “I hear pressure on American diplomats coming from above to push them to do things that are actually a revocation of the Constitution. And so the president will — his defense will be he can’t control those guys, he’ll say all that sort of nonsense.”

“But the very, very good news is we have the president on tape now saying that he wants to disavow his oath to the constitution and — ” he continued before beinginterrupted.

“I mean, there’s several things he’s done,” he replied. “He’s admitted openly at the U.N.. he had no problem asking the Ukraine for favors, he admitted that openly. He declared himself yesterday, ‘please ask the Chinese government’ to go after Vice President Biden. Now we’re learning he may have had a conversation with [Chinese] President Xi as well, so it’s totally disgusting,”

“The thing that is surprising to me, because you and I have been talking about this for two months, I would have thought that the [GOP] leadership in the Congress would have broken with him by now,” he added. “The Republican leadership in the Congress, what are these guys doing? That’s the thing I don’t understand because I would have predicted the president having a complete Trump meltdown, very predictable, he was starting in the summer. But where’s the leadership? ”

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The economy gained 136,000 jobs in September, adding to mounting recession concerns

The monthly average is now well below last year’s pace of 223,000 jobs added per month.


Text messages released late Thursday night by House Democrats revealed top US diplomats to Ukraine discussing a quid pro quo at the heart of the impeachment inquiryinto President Donald Trump: that aid to the country — in the form of either military funding or the president’s support — would be withheld until it did the bidding of the president’s personal political interests.

TRUMP, who has told more than 12,000 lies says that there was NO quid pro quo…a really credible GUY…


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