That’s the signpost up ahead—your next stop, the Twilight Zone!

A Finnish reporter tried to give Trump a softball to change the subject, asking what he can learn from a happy country like Finland. Trump replies, “Well, if you got rid of Pelosi and you got rid of ‘Shifty Schiff’ — Finland is a happy country and he is a happy leader.”

Pelosi and Schiff, Simply Appearing on TV, Spark Another Meltdown. That’s a Win for Pro-Impeachers.

Your president loses it over a rather unremarkable press conference.

Mother Jones

Your President says Ukraine and China should investigate Bidens

Trump says he wants both Ukraine and China to investigate Joe Biden and his son.

Speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump was again asked what he wanted Ukrainian President Zelensky to do with regard to the Bidens.Trump raised both Ukraine and China in his answer, saying he thinks both countries should investigate the former vice president and his son Hunter.


Only 40% of Republicans believe Trump asked Ukraine to investigate Biden, even though he admitted that he did…

Only 40% of Republicans believe President Donald Trump asked Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, according to a new Monmouth University poll, even though a memo released by the White House shows that he did.


Historians on Trump: We’ve never seen anything like this…

No one knows if Congress will decide that these actions rise to level of impeachable “high crimes and misdemeanors.” We do know history will judge them harshly,

because Donald Trump is not fulfilling the most solemn duty of every president: to protect the nation’s security.


Trump asked a foreign government for help in an election. Republicans say that’s fine.

Two years ago, in the early days of the Russia investigation, many Republican senators said collusion with a foreign government to influence an American election would be a betrayal of the United States. They didn’t believe Donald Trump had solicited campaign help from Russia. But they agreed that if he had, it was illegal and perhaps impeachable...

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