an Elevator to the moon and to space…

One idea is to build a space elevator—a cable stretching from Earth to orbit 

For many years, physicists, science fiction writers and visionaries have excitedly calculated the size of these forces, only to be sadly disheartened by the result. No known material is strong enough to cope with these forces—not spider silk, not Kevlar, not even the strongest modern carbon fiber polymers.

So Penoyre and Sandford have taken a different approach. Instead of anchoring the cable on Earth, they propose anchoring it on the moon and dangling it toward Earth.

MIT Digest

What Happens if Trump Won’t Step Down?

National security expert Josh Geltzer on why we should be prepared for the worst.

In February, Georgetown Law professor Josh Geltzer began to ponder aloud what would happen if President Donald Trump refused to leave office were he to be defeated in 2020. It sounded far-fetched, but Geltzer isn’t a conspiracy theorist. Actually, he served as senior director for counterterrorism at the National Security Council and, prior to that, as deputy legal adviser to the NSC and counsel to the assistant attorney general for national security. When he wrote his essay suggesting that perhaps it was time to start preparing for if Trump, who has repeatedly shown a willingness to overstep his constitutional authority, simply refused to leave the Oval Office, he was met with silence.


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