I want to see Democrats take on Trump. (period)

If Mr. Booker wants my VOTE, he needs to show me he can beat Trump, not Joe Biden.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) lobbed a fierce, post-debate attack against Democratic front-runner Joe Biden on Thursday evening, questioning the former vice president’s ability to “carry the ball” and saying other candidates had “legitimate concerns” if the former vice president would be up for a long fight for the White House. 

Huff Post

If Mr. Castro wants my VOTE, he needs to show me he can beat Trump, not Joe Biden.

A very persistent John Berman grilled Democratic presidential contender Julian Castro on CNN Friday morning aftert the Texas Democrat launched a very controversial attack on former Vice President Joe Biden in Thursday night’s ABC debate.

Raw Story

…but a lot of reasons Trump should be concerned…

Picking a “winner” from the third Democratic presidential debate was difficult, not just because there are still so many people onstage, but also because so many of them had a good evening. And while the media seems to be celebrating the fact that there were a few sharp exchanges, the truth is that there were very few. For the most part, candidates were much more willing to talk about what they believed was right rather than where fellow Democrats were wrong. And everyone was in agreement that Donald Trump was a disaster, an embarrassment, and a threat who has to be removed from the national stage. As a theme for the night, “We all agree Trump has to go” was not bad at all.

Daily Kos

Trump’s bizarre speech during the Dem debate illustrated the stark differences between the parties

Trump talked about fake tax cuts while Democrats debated how to pay for their ambitious policies.

Remember the tax cut Trump promised America during the 2016 election cycle? Well, it was a Trump LIE and Trump is at it again… promising another tax cut to America. Just another Trump LIE among many Trump LIES.

Perhaps the clearest distinction came as Trump resurrected his fake middle-class tax cutswhile Democrats had a detailed conversation about how to provide affordable health care to more people without dramatically raising taxes — within minutes of each other.

“We’re now working on a tax cut for middle-income people that is going to be very, very inspirational,” he told House Republicans, bringing up an idea he hyped just before last November’s midterm elections, only to forget about it as soon as it came and went. “It’s going to be something that I think it’s what everybody is looking for. We’ll be announcing it sometime in the next year.”


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