Nazi and Fascist Socialism

You should do a better job of processing information about the years you indicate. The socialism you refer to was RIGHT WING socialism, perpetrated by fascist and nazis… apparently the RIGHT can’t get anything right… the fascist and nazis of the day attempted to use “socialism” to control the populations of their countries and dominate society. It was a Social Engineering process to create a society based on the vision of the right winged nazis and fascist.

The regime defined who belonged to the National Socialist ‘community’ and who did not. Being accorded the status of belonging granted citizenship rights, access to the benefits of the welfare state, and opportunities of advancement. All those denied the privilege to belong lost their right to live. They were shamed, excluded, imprisoned, murdered. Volksgemeinschaft was the Nazis’ project of social engineering, to be realized by a plethora of means: state action, administrative procedure, party practice, propaganda, and individual initiative. It unleashed an enormous dynamism, which gave social change a particular direction. However, the Volksgemeinschaft concept was not strictly defined; it was marked by a plurality of meaning and emphasis which resulted in a range of readings in the Third Reich. Often, they stood in continuity to non-Nazi notions of Volksgemeinschaft prevalent in the Weimar Republic, which, however, now had to comply with the racist and social-Darwinist rationale of the National Socialist Volksgemeinschaft concept. In this way, Volksgemeinschaft drew people in.

Oxford Scholarship

The “socialism” of the Nazis sounds a lot like the Trumpism of todays Republican.
Apparently the young people of today can make the distinction and draw the contrast. And see the difference, which Trumpist apparently cannot.

Adolf Hitler was not a socialist

Rather, Hitler viewed socialism as a political organizing mechanism for the German people more broadly: a way of creating a “people’s community” — the volksgemeinschaft — that would bring everyday Germans (and businesspeople) together not based on their class but on their race and ethnicity. Thus, he would use the unifying aspects of “National Socialism” to get everyday Germans on board with the Nazi program while simultaneously negotiating with powerful businesses and the Junkers, industrialists and nobility, who would ultimately help Hitler gain total power over the German state.


Sound like anyone you might know today?

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