In Stunning Rebuke of Its Own NWS Office, NOAA Statement Supports Trump’s Hurricane Dorian Alabama Comments


You can’t TRUST any information coming from the White House. NO Credibility! 12,000 LIES and counting and NOW NOAA climbs into bed with Trump. Even one of the MOST trusted parts of federal government is now tainted by Trumpist BullChit.

Someone must have been threatened with a JOB LOSS.

The federal agency that oversees the National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center issued a statement Friday evening that amounts to an about-face on its views on President Trump’s claims that Alabama was likely to be hit hard by Hurricane Dorian, despite what the agency’s own meteorologists had forecast.

The NOAA statement also rebuked the NWS office in Birmingham, Alabama, for tweeting – 20 minutes after Trump – that the state would see no impacts from the storm.

The Weather Channel

NOAA Warned Staffers Not To Contradict Trump On Hurricane Dorian: Report

Employees were given guidance on how to handle the president’s flubbed Alabama warning, according to The Washington Post.

A top official with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warned staffers last week not to contradict President Donald Trump’s false claims about Hurricane Dorian’s path, according to The Washington Post

The email obtained by the Post was sent last Sunday, just hours after Trump tweeted that Alabama “would most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated” by Hurricane Dorian, even though projections at that time showed no such thing.


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