Jeffrey Epstein had 14 phone numbers connected to Trump in his “little black book”

The president told reporters on Tuesday that he had a falling out with the hedge fund manager and hasn’t spoken to him in years. “And he, like everyone else, sees these charges, the description of these charges against Epstein, as completely unconscionable and obviously criminal,” added White House counselor Kellyanne Conway. “Disgusting, really.”

Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy financier charged this week with sex trafficking, had 14 phone numbers connected to Donald Trump in his black book of contacts, which included a slew of powerful people from celebrities to politicians to Saudi royals.

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The “black book” of Jeffrey Epstein, a wealthy financier and now-accused child sex trafficker, is a smorgasbord of high-profile, powerful people, including Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, Britain’s Prince Andrew and former Prime Minister Tony Blair, and convicted sex assailant and comedian Bill Cosby, Epstein’s former neighbor.

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President Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, the 66-year-old hedge fund manager charged this week with sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, were once the only other attendees at a party with roughly two dozen women at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, a former Trump associate told The New York Times.

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