I’ve been blocked from posting to GROUPS on FACEBOOK Again…

I basically post to FACEBOOK only because I have a ready readership for my message.  I post to a group and hundreds of people will read or view my post… that’s the only reason.  I was blocked 4 times in 2017 and I can only guess as to why…

My message is simple: Resist Donald Trump and expose Trump for the incompetent he is.  However, most of the community I reach is “like minded” about Trump and if one of my post were to reach the eyes of a Trumpist, most likely the message is over the head of the reader anyway…and no mind will be changed and the opinion will remain the same… but changing a mind implies a mind to change…

…. I now tweet to twitter images, like the images that follow…. in a few words you can convey a strong message… it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand (1,000) words.

The only issue with WordPress is that I don’t have the same POTENTIAL number of readers that I have on FACEBOOK… but, the number of different opinions may be greater and I may sway a mind…




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