Why is Donald Trump Skating Away with NO investigation…?

Donald Trump who sits in the OVAL Office in the PEOPLE’S White House has been accused by more then 15 women of Assault and some form of abuse.  With these allegations outstanding and with court cases in motion 62 million people voted for him and he occupied the White House…

An Investigation must and should be placed in MOTION of these allegations that more than 15 woman have made against Trump.



Donald Trump should NOT GET a PASS on these Allegations.  Trump should be investigated and the women’s voices heard.  Roy Moore must not be allowed to skate.

How IRONIC that the Evangelical Christians in Alabama circle the wagon around an ALLEGED Child Molester.  Why is any one surprised by the actions of the Christian Right, after ALL, these same “GOOD CHRISTIANS” rallied around the molester of women and elected Trump to the Oval Office…


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