Senator Al Franken

From the top:  The Act of anyone sexually abusing anyone should be strongly without any quarter condemned.  If accused, the offender should be charged and given a trial to either expose their guilt or allow the accused to show their innocence by an observation of evidence.  This goes for Donald Trump, Roy Moore or Al Franken.

tweeden 4

Condemn the act with an investigation.  Interview the accuser, any witnesses, photographs, or video at a hearing so we get as close to the truth and the reality as is possible.  Some of these events are separated by many years and ALL we have is I say-you say.  The accusations are being tried in the court of public opinion with no formal structure to get to the truth.

Roy Moore is accused by many women.  The Statute of limitations prevents bringing charges.  A trial in front of a jury of his peers will most likely not happen.  We have all become jurors in the trial of public opinion.  So the determination of his guilt comes down to whether you believe the women or Roy Moore; comes down to what your political persuasion is.  The penalty for this “trial of public opinion” is Roy Moore isn’t elected to the Senate.  If the determination of Roy Moore’s guilt is truly important, we shouldn’t be making that guilt or non guilt based on news reports and self serving speeches by Roy Moore.

I was recently blocked from posting in Facebook groups.  I aggressively defended Al Franken.  I posted photographs and video of LeeAnn Tweeden and Al Franken at USO shows.  Someone who doesn’t support Al Franken reports me to Facebook and I’m blocked with NO access to defend my post.  Al Franken needs to be able to defend himself agains these charges.  There won’t be a trial so there needs to be a hearing.  Bring LeeAnn Tweeden in to testify under oath as well as Al Franken.  His name has been smeared and he should be allowed to defend his name.

We also need an open investigation of Roy Moore and allow under oath the introduction of testimony with interviews of the accusers, any witnesses, Roy Moore and any available evidence.


The same goes for Donald Trump.  Trump has more than 15 accusers.  Trump’s alleged offense of molesting these woman should not be allowed to sit in limbo…. there should be an investigation.  Let’s hear from the women under oath and Donald Trump’s denial UNDER OATH.

Al Franken should have an opportunity to clear his name.  An investigation with Ms. Tweeden under oath making her accusation.  And Al Franken refuting the charge under oath and if Donald Trump wants to tweet he can do so UNDER OATH.

There is some photographic and video evidence that if nothing else raises questions about Ms. Tweeden’s accusation.  She claims that Al Franken forced a kiss during one of the USO shows that each was involved in…. there is ample video evidence of some of the show.

READ Al Franken Accuser Leeann Tweeden’s Claims Shredded by Internet Sleuths

A former military officer claiming to be Al Franken’s escort during his 2006 USO tour with Leeann Tweeden is disputing the former Playboy model and Hannity protege’s account of being sexual harassed by the then-comedian.

But a man who identifies himself as “TT” on Twitter said today he was Franken’s “escort officer” on the trip. His recollection of the tour is starkly different than Tweeden’s.

“Strange, I was Al Frankin’s Escort officer…I don’t remember any of this except there was a lot of good natured joking in a crowded room…I was with him the entire time on base…” he wrote.



“Strange, I was Al Frankin’s Escort officer…I don’t remember any of this except there was a lot of good natured joking in a crowded room…I was with him the entire time on base…” he wrote.

“He had an escort on every base during waking hours…I even stayed with him in the bathroom…If I saw anything that was inappropriate, it was my job to report it…BTW I am an independent, who did Leeanne vote for???” he added.

If the alleged harassment happened during the show or during rehearsal a simple “don’t you think you are over selling the kissing Al?” from ms. Tweeden might have prevented any further “harassment…. apparently there was none… and alleged harassment didn’t occur off the stage either as part of the show or rehearsal …



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