Why did POOR Americans vote for Trump?

…white poor Americans who are Racist voted for Donald Trump even if voting for Trump isn’t in their self interest… Why?

I wake up this morning as usual.  The window in my bedroom closest to my bed faces East and somewhere between 8am and 8:30am Eastern time the sun will ABSORB the darkness that has surrounded me overnight.  This morning is no exception.  I raise up in the bed to check on Lakoda, my geriatric Australian Shepherd who sleeps on the floor beside my bed.  She is 15 and has arthritis in her left leg, hip… she is sleeping peacefully.  I grab my remote and select channel 185 and watch for a few minutes.  A commercial greets me so I get up from the bed, head to the bathroom.  When I return, Hugh Hewitt greets me so I switch to CNN… I pull on shorts and walk to the kitchen to make coffee.

While the coffee is brewing I walk to the living room and switch on my network and TV… it takes a few minutes for the router and cable modem to engage so I walk back to the kitchen to wait for the coffee.

Coffee cup in hand I walk back to the living room and switch the TV on… Hugh Hewitt has said his good byes on MSNBC, replaced by another smiling face.  The MSNBC personality is discussing mobile health care in OKLAHOMA.  The camera shows hundreds of people who show up in the Oklahoma early morning darkness to see a physician.  The video of the crowd of people looks larger than the minuscule crowd that showed up for the Donald Trump rally in West Virginia a few nights ago….


…a reporter is interviewing a young woman and a young man.  The young woman shares with the reporter why she is up so early.  “I don’t have insurance,” she says, “I live pay check to pay check, and I don’t have money to pay for insurance.  My employer doesn’t offer insurance.”  She further states she has to drive 30 miles to participate in this mobile health event.  The young man relates the same story, he simply can’t afford health insurance and makes too much to qualify for a subsidy.  Before returning to the news desk, the reporter ask who they voted for.  Each tells the reporter they voted for Trump.

So, I watch the two relate their story of lack of access to health care because they simply can’t afford to purchase.  A judgement on my part is that each had an education level of no more than high school and maybe less…uninformed and lacking the motivation to uncover any information to base an informed vote on.

The perfect Donald Trump Stooge.

After each has their say and exposes who they are, in 3 and a half minutes… and the point of view is now back in the news room, I ask myself, “why did they vote for Donald Trump?”

I walk back to the kitchen for a refill of coffee and as I pour into my cup, I simply can’t come up with an answer.  An answer that is based on verifiable evidence.  i take my coffee back to my computer and I do what I always do when I have no answer to a question, I google.

I google “Why did poor Americans vote for Trump.”


Now, I have my own assessment of why.  The two people interviewed are white.  So, my assessment is simply this: poorly, undereducated white Americans are not opposed to assistance from the government.  What they are opposed to is government assistance to people of color.  Do I have any evidence to support my assessment?  NO… so these Americans are easily swayed by a slick talking pied piper like Donald Trump.

The top hit to my google is a story by VOX.

Survey: the poor white working class was, if anything, more likely than the rich to vote for Clinton

I was some what surprised.  but reading further…

It wasn’t the economy, but racism and xenophobia, that explains Trump’s rise.

… I read deeper into the article…

The evidence just keeps growing: It wasn’t simply the economy that led to Donald Trump’s rise. Instead, another survey has confirmed that racism and xenophobia were much bigger factors.

The new survey, by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) for the Atlantic, focused on white working-class voters (those without a college education or salaried jobs), who were part of the key demographic behind Trump’s rise. It looked at how much of their support for Trump correlated with, among other factors, “fears about cultural displacement” — a polite way of describing fears of immigrants from other countries and people of other races.


The second in the google list is this opinion piece from Newsweek.


The reactions were predictable and absurd. I happened to be in an airport during one of CNN’s painful panel discussions, so I could not change the channel. There was a long discussion of a claim by John McCain’s daughter (and Fox News contributor) Meghan McCain, who claimedthat “this Meryl Streep speech is why Trump won.”

Although the younger McCain was rightly mocked for the odd time-traveling aspect of her assertion, let us give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she was calling out Hollywood liberals in general for being too willing to denigrate things that white working-class voters like. Those voters simply feel disrespected, apparently, and this is meant to justify why they would vote for Trump.


I personally know people who voted for Trump for ONLY one reason: GUNS.  Donald Trump won’t take my gun.  I recall several years, before I retired, individuals who I worked with, fanatic gun owners FLED out to purchase ammunition because of a right wing story that President Obama was going to confiscate ammunition.  You can have your gun, but I’m going to take your ammunition… and these gun owners believed this story… and bought hundreds of dollars worth of ammunition…. so they vote for Trump.

Do these people care that Trump is an unqualified impotent, incompetent liar? NO… not as long as he doesn’t take my ammunition….

The answer to my question is still unanswered.  And I guess the only way I can discover a true answer is go out and have a conversation with a hundred thousand poor, high school only educated Americans…. why don’t you vote your self interest?  Is voting for Donald Trump voting your self interest?  If you own a gun maybe… if that is all that matters to you….

I simply don’t know…

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