Intelligence of a Red Brick…




Republicans have the “SMARTS” of a brick. Especially when it comes to health care.  And the current Republican plan is doomed to failure in its current form.  With the Republican plan, not only will America experience healthcare failure, but MANY Americans will suffer as a consequence of the Republican action and some may even DIE because of the ill-conceived Republican healthcare bill now being considered by the Senate.

Some experts believe that the efforts of the Republicans is the first step to a national one payer system.  The New Republic suggest as much in an article from March of this year.  Although this article was written prior to the Senate Bill, not much has been changed by the Republicans in the Senate.  Medicaid will kick millions of poor Americans off the Medicaid register to save an estimated 800 billion dollars that will ultimately end up the pockets of wealthy Americans like Donald Trump.  The Nation magazine goes so far as to suggest that the Republican healthcare plan is “single payer healthcare for dummies:”

But House Republicans are apparently going to vote tomorrow on an Obama-care replacement framework that accepts the entire logic of single-payer. It just does it in the dumbest way imaginable.

An observation that I’ve long-held is that Republicans can’t accept abortion because the fetus is destroyed.  So Republicans are anti women’s choice and pro fetus.  Republicans claim to be pro-life.  And my observation is that once the fetus is a blood and bone human being, Republicans abandon the fetus.  When the fetus gets old and requires expensive healthcare to survive the “Pro Life” Republicans are not so pro life.

An article in The Conversation points out 3 important ideas surrounding the Republican Healthcare bill:

  1. The bill will phase out Medicaid expansion in the states that participated.   Medicaid covers about 20% of the American population or about 75 million Americans; half are children.

  2. The Senate bill, like its sister House bill, will kill the mandate that Americans have insurance or pay a penalty.  You don’t really need the intelligence of a brick to figure out why this will destroy healthcare in America for millions of Americans. If only sick people get insurance then the insurance will be TOO expensive to have.  And the young people who wait until they are sick… either can’t get insurance because of a pre-existing condition or because of the pre existing condition the insurance will be so expensive it’s cheaper to die.

  3. The ACA required that essential identified conditions be covered under all healthcare assets.  These conditions were required to be covered and under Trump-care good luck.

So I leave you with this one element to consider.  A week ago or so, Congressman Steve Scalise was shot in the hip.  Congressman Scalise has had three operations and has been in the hospital for a week or more.  Congressman Scalise has received healthcare that is the envy of millions of Americans.  So the question to ponder is simply this… under the Republican Healthcare plan, and under the same conditions would ALL Americans receive the same quality Healthcare as Congressman Scalise?

Unfortunately for many millions of Americans the New Republican Healthcare plan will rely TOO MUCH on the “don’t get Sick” element of the plan…

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