…if I wait until there is fire then I’m most likely dead.


I have a smoke detector in my home. I don’t have a fire detector… because, if I wait until there is fire then I’m most likely dead.

According to many news reports there is much smoke in RussiaGate but to date there is NO fire… the LA Times reports “Lots of Smoke but no fire yet in U.S. Russia investigation…” Americans should not allow Republicans to redirect and mis-direct to other shiny objects. Any fire scientist will tell you that more Americans die from smoke in a house than the actual fire. The smoke is as dangerous or more dangerous than the fire… occupants in a house fire are overcome by the smoke and unable to reach fire exits and the actual fire becomes secondary to the real killer … the smoke. Where there is smoke… there is fire! The time to act is when there is smoke. If you wait for the fire most likely it’s too late to react. Smoke is real. Smoke is dangerous. Dismiss the smoke and you may not live to see the fire.

CNN suggest there is a lot of smoke surrounding Donald Trump’s associates and Russians and the smoke detector is beeping loudly. America needs to respond to the beeping smoke detector firmly.

The Washington Post reports on Friday “Jared Kushner trying to secretly talk to the Russians is the biggest billow of smoke yet.”

The smoke detector is blaring and simply can’t be ignored.

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